Sofia Katsaouni

Agile & Organisational Coach

Sofia Katsaouni

Sofia Katsaouni


Sofia Katsaouni works as an Agile & Organisational Coach.

Sofia is a coach who cares about people. She always places people and their needs at the center of her attention; when needs are met, people can form effective teams that deliver high customer value.
Since Sofia is passionate about people systems rather than electrical systems, she transitioned from an electrical engineer to an Agile coach full time early in her career. Her electrical engineering background has helped her develop analytical, problem-solving, and empirical thinking skills.

Sofia recognizes that trusting relationships and psychological safety are the basis of human-centric and performance-oriented cultures. Throughout the past few years, she has worked closely with individuals, engineering teams, and leadership to enable startups and scale-ups to create such environments in their organizations.

When discovering the world of NVC Sofia started learning more and more about empathy and empathic listening, and practicing it in private life as well as in coaching sessions.

Soon she realised the tremendous impact that it had on her and the people around her and thus wanted to spread the word of empathy further. In this capacity, Sofia began delivering Empathy@Work sessions at various companies and conferences throughout Europe.





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